Saturday 22 October 2016

Rejoining the 'Blogging' world!

It's been a while since we've spoke, I think it's time I re-introduced myself. I'm Lucy Stephenson, owner of this blog & the YouTube channel 'LuceStephenson'. I have lost my way many times in this 'blogging' community, and I still feel pretty lost at the moment; however, I do wish to rekindle my love for blogging and give this another shot! 

If you follow me on YouTube, you will know I've been posting WAY more frequently on there, in comparison to on here, YouTube just seems to get me, we click. I finally think it's time to re-click with my website and start blabbering on here too; you're welcome (haha). 

There are many obstacles I need to overcome with this blog, my photography game for instance, needs to be upped drastically, so any tips/tricks please send them my way, I just can't seem to find myself happy with the lighting! 

However, there's a reason I started this to begin with, my passion disappeared as the whole blogging world evolved and became so much more professional. I felt like I just wasn't good enough and was constantly comparing myself to others. Don't get me wrong, I totally do this with my YouTube as well, but there was something about my blog that I just didn't like. Now it's time to correct that. 

I find it extremely therapeutic typing my thoughts away, and I especially enjoy the fact I can do so at 1:03am on a Friday night when the house is quiet, but without the need for a camera in front of me.

A post will be coming soon updating you on all the wonderful things that have been happening in my life since the last time we spoke (including some updates that haven't been mentioned on my YouTube yet). 

So hi, I'm Lucy. Welcome back. I hope you're still going to stick around! 

Oh & hello if you're from my YouTube world and you're having a little nosey! Lovely to see you all too! If you haven't already, please give me a cheeky follow on Bloglovin' so you will see all my future posts... now let's get this thing on the road!

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