Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Huge Make Up Giveaway! We hit 7,000 YouTube Subscribers!

To thank you for all the love and support, I'm holding a HUGEEEE giveaway featuring 3 prize bags full of goodies!! To be in the chance of winning, follow the rules below and thank you again for all 7,000 of you over on my YouTube!! 

Giveaway rules:
Must SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel
Must LIKE the video over on my YouTube
Must leave a COMMENT on the video on my YouTube channel with either a video request, a question, or something to improve my channel!

You can leave multiple comments as long as they are meaningful comments, any spam or ones that are not meaningful will be deleted! 

Best of luck to you all, I'll draw the winner at the end of Vlogtober!! Love you all loads!! 

**Some of the links used may be affiliate links, which basically means I get a small amount of profit if you purchase through them at no additional cost to you.**


  1. I enjoy this giveaway you guys have and not you enjoy the hoilday🎄🎁

  2. I think you seem so down to earth. I appreciate all rhe work you do for all of your videos. This give away is awesome! Happy Holidays to you!🎅🦌🎁🎄🎉🌍⛅

  3. I love all of you videos. You're a sweetheart and your happiness shines through. Happy Christmas!🎅🎄🦌🎁🎉🦌💗

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