Monday 22 July 2013

NARS Limited Edition Duo Eyeshadow in Fashion Rebel

Hey lovelies!
Another product I've been lucky to receive is the Nars Limited Edition Duo Eyeshadow in Fashion Rebel* from HQ Hair which consists of a bright yellow and purple eyeshadow as pictured below. As well as this they also sent me loads of samples and everyone knows just how much us #bbloggers love our samples!


Wednesday 17 July 2013

Sigma Brush Dupes From!

Hey lovelies! If you saw my previous haul post/video from then you will have saw this Six Plus 12 Piece Brush Set before! Today I'm going to be comparing it to the Sigma Make Me Cool Essential Kit, although I don't actually own this brush set I'm going to compare the similarities through the pictures on their website.

The first picture above and below show that both brush sets come in a brush holder which is sooo similar, it's the same colour, it fastens the same way, as well as having the logo in the same place!


Tuesday 16 July 2013

Avon Haul Video!

Hey lovelies! So it's Monday (Early Morning Tuesday oops!) and it's time for a video! It's another small haul from AVON which I'm very excited to show you as it has one of my FAVOURITE-ALL-TIME-HOLY-GRAIL-MUST-HAVE products that I have repurchased... 5 times 8-)... don't judge! There was an offer on!

I hope you enjoy the video, what are your FAVOURITE products from the AVON?

Remember, honesty is key.


Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunglasses from

Hey lovelies! Recently contacted me and offered to send me some sunglasses of my choice and I instantly fell in love with these, they are so versatile and aren't toooo big for my small head (I think), which is normally an issue when sunglasses shopping. I've been wearing these non stop over the last week and a half due to British weather FINALLY being lovely and sunny and they have gone with every single outfit.


Friday 12 July 2013

Get Ready With Me (GRWM) - NE Blogger Vintage Social Event!

Hey lovelies! If you saw yesterdays post about a Blogger event I recently attended then you may have realised I never included any pictures of me on the day, instead I recorded a GRWM video! I don't normally do my make up this heavy and only did so in order for it to last the entire day!

What do you think of this look? Would you like me to do more GRWM videos?

Remember, honesty is key.

Thursday 11 July 2013

The NE Blogger Vintage Social Event

Hey lovelies! So not too long ago I attended the NE Blogger Vintage Social with my lovely friend Megan from who you may have heard me mention before - please pop over to her blog and let her know I sent you and vote for her in the cosmo blog awards if you like what you see :)
The event was ran by the North East Bloggers who are the lovely Amy and Shannon as well as some additional help from Katy. It was held at a beautiful little tea room called Serendipity which has the prettiest interior as pictured below! The writing on the door reminds me of Sabrina The Teenage Witch :') - blast from the past! 

After arriving we were dedicated to certain seats and weren't allowed to sit next to the people we arrived with as this was a social event therefore we had to socialise and meet other people - I absolutely loved this idea and the girls on my table were sooo nice and lovely, the conversation just flowed. The girls on my table were Tasha, Laura and Amy I'd definitely recommend checking out their blogs! We then ordered drinks and cake, we all got a slice of chocolate cake and I ordered a pot of tea which came with the cutest tea cosy!! Afterwards we played a game were we had to write a celebrities name on a sticky label and stick it on someone else's head and they had to guess what their label said by asking questions with yes/no answers, I was Katie Price :').


Monday 1 July 2013

MAC and Cath Kidston Haul

Hey lovelies!
Late last night I uploaded a MAC and Cath Kidston Haul video so I thought I'd share it on here with you 
lovely bloggers!

This is the first of the many MINI haul videos to come as I've decided to just cut them down into separate smaller videos instead of doing a MASSIVE collective haul like I normally do haha!

If you have any other video requests then let me know below as I'm getting on the ball with my YouTube now that I have time for myself with my exams over and done with! 

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