Thursday 21 November 2013

Instagram Catch Up #1

♥ Started Uni, £14 on pretty folders.. oops ♥ Silverstone with Blake ♥ Trip to town
♥ BLACKPOOL with the family and Blake ♥
♥ Loving my new lime crime lipstick off Blake ♥ 2 Year Anniversary Presents ♥ New YouTube tutorial coming soon! ♥
♥ Make up for my Benefit interview ♥ Natural hair ♥ Nice and curly hair with my dress on ready to go ♥

Remember, honesty is key.


Saturday 16 November 2013

Review + Swatch - Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe

Hey lovelies!
I was definitely one of the people that fell very quickly for the colour tattoo hypes and boy I fell deep, I own three colours but today I'll be focusing on Permanent Taupe! On today's review I'm going to be introducing the idea 'PULCAP' which stands for...
Colour Payoff
I'd love for some feedback on this in regards to whether I've left something out or if you like the idea or not cause if so then I'll use this method for all my reviews, if not then there's no harm done!


Packaging wise these remind me of MAC's paint pots and I think that was the idea that Maybelline were going for, the container has a clear base with the logo and brand on the bottom with a screw lid (much better for popping in handbags) with the colour on the top.

Uses wise, the possibilities are endless with the different looks you could make with this, you could use it as a base for your eyeshadow, or as an eyeshadow itself for a quick lazy I-still-made-an-effort sweep across the lid.

As there name suggests '24 Hour Tattoo' they are very very long lasting!! It doesn't budge in the slightest and acts as a primer for eyeshadows to prolong their wear too.

The colour is exactly what you see in the packaging, however the intensity can vary, the above picture shows it blended out however you could very easily pack this on with a normal eyeshadow brush for a more intense look.

Texture wise it just melts as you warm it up with your fingers with a cream/gel formula, it's so smooth but does tug slightly when blending out on the skin so I'd definitely recommend using fingers with this product unless you want an intense look.


Leave a comment and let me know your opinion on the Colour Tattoos and my new review method (PULCAP) love yas!

Remember, honesty is key.
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