Monday 24 November 2014

The Autumn Tag

Photo cred from TheGlobeInn
So after #bbloggers chat I had a cheeky follow to perksofbeingami blog and saw her do this Autumn Tag and thought I'd have a little go myself... 

1. Coffee - What's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks or any other coffee shop?
I'm actually a tea or hot choccy person myself, can't stand coffee! Hand me a Costa hot choccy with cream and marshmallows any day!

2: Accessories - What do you opt for, scarf, boots or gloves?
I'm a big boots person, every year without fail I'll be rocking boots, same applies for scarfs really, I wear scarfs all year round they are my little comfort blanket, I feel weird when I don't wear one and I'm all wrapped up.

3. Music - What's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
My music doesn't really change with the seasons, I just listen to whatever I fancy depending on my mood and what I'm doing, I love blasting music when having a good clean, obviously Beyonce is always on the cards. *sassy emoji*

4. Perfume - What's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I absolutely love fruity scents all year round, when it comes to winter I normally go for a stronger scent but I've been loving Beyonce Wild Orchid and Katy Perry Royal Revolution recently, my god they smell so good!

5. Candles - What scents will you be burning this season?
I love warm christmassy scents but on the sweet side such as Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie, mmmm.

6. What do you love best about Autumn?
I love layering, big coats, scarves, snuggling watching films with a hot chocolate and baggy clothes.

7. Favourite make up look?
Definitely full coverage foundation, dark lips and layers upon layers of mascara.

8. What are you looking forward to the most in the Autumn?
The lead up to Christmas and my BIRTHDAY, yeyyyy! (20th December).

Hope you enjoyed my tag, I tag everyone and these lovely ladies below:

Megan (Thumbelina Lillie)
Kate (Sugarfixxbeauty)
Kirstie (ayellowbrickblog)
Tasha (hello-freckles)
Katie (beautyandthebaker)
Catrine (unnakednails)
Chantelle (thegirlinthetartanscarf)
Gemma (makeupmagpie)
Helen (thelovecatsinc)
AND Ainebeauty!

Hope you can do it girls, would love to see your answers!

Remember, honesty is key.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Current Go To Make Up Brushes

Wondering what make up brushes I reach for daily? Here's the video just for you! All the brushes included are completely affordable and are counted as 'drugstore' brushes so are totally purse friendly, win win! Hope you enjoy!


Monday 20 October 2014

Free From Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner & Six Week Blowout

Looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to de-frizz your hair? Well I've got just the thing for you! Free From Frizz very kindly sent me their Thick/Coarse Blowout Shampoo* and Conditioner*

Boots describe it as a range that uses cutting edge patent-pending technology to naturally smooth the hair from root to tip without a harsh chemical in sight.
I love that it tames my frizz as well as being really healthy and non-damaging for my hair, I do find it quite hard to foam up but I've read that harsh chemicals in shampoo make the lather so I don't mind using a little bit more to wash my whole head. The mango scent on both the shampoo and conditioner is absolutely beautiful and you can smell it after blow drying which is a plus. The shampoo is currently sold out on Boots online, which just shows that it's popular, you can find it here for £5.99! 


Tuesday 14 October 2014

Baby Skin VS Porefessional!

Ever wondered whether to splurge on the Porefessional or go for the cheaper alternative, Baby Skin? Well here's the video to answer that question for you! 


Saturday 20 September 2014

Instagram Catch Up #2

1. Quote 2. Blake & I on the plane to Tenerife 3. Trying new products for date night 4. New YT Drugstore video
5. Annabel & I in Bulgaria 6. Allocation time, all this for £3.50! 7. Night cuddled up with this babe <3 8. Cake sesh with an old friend!
Hope you liked this kind of post, I've been a lot more active on Instagram recently so make sure to drop me a follow, I'm always looking for new people to follow also! 

How often do you use Instagram?

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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Pretty In Pink Glowy Drugstore Tutorial | Back To School

Yesterday I uploaded this Pretty In Pink Glowy make up look, using products and brushes solely from the drugstore/highstreet. I absolutely love how this came out and think it'd be really appropriate for work and school as it's so simple and clean looking with pops of pink. All products used are in the down bar, don't forget to subscribe, I'm so close to 1500 and I'd really appreciate it!


Saturday 13 September 2014

E.L.F Foundation Haul

I never thought foundation would be something I'd become addicted to, I always thought it was boring and lipstick was definitely my thing; but recently it has managed to take No.1 spot in my make up addiction, resulting to a full drawer alone of foundations. So when E.L.F. cosmetics contacted me to review some of their foundations, I absolutely jumped at the chance. If you watch my YouTube channel you will know I buy from E.L.F. myself and love the company, especially when they do 50% off sales, check out my latest E.L.F. haul here

The first thing, and a ultimate essential when wanting a perfect base is primer! Primer is made to prepare your face for foundation and prolong the wear too, some primers have addition properties, for instance, this Mineral Face Primer* £6.95 is multipurpose and has been developed to combat excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines to give a natural, long-lasting satin finish. This also comes in various shades such as clear, green, brightening lavender and radiant glow to further target problem areas.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

New Website Launch: ScentCity

TheScentCity, a newly launched perfume website, very kindly sent Blake & I a perfume each to try out. I received Cheery Cherry* created by Alice&Peter from a range of 5 different themed perfumes, including Wicked Berry, Fancy Choco, Showy Toffee, Bloody Orange and of course, Cheery Cherry. It's from the Fruity scent family and all the notes are included in the video, whereas Blakes perfume, 1725* is from the Floriental family and based upon Casanova!


Friday 5 September 2014

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

Blake well and truly knows the way to my heart, as some of you will know, I'm completely addicted to Beyonce. She recently released a new perfume to her 'Heat' range which I'm a huge fan off, there's not one fragrance from the range that I don't like and this one has topped the rest, it's absolutely beautiful! I was shopping in town with my Mum and spotted this baby in Superdrug and fell in love instantly, with one spray I was hooked, and Blake being the amazing boyfriend that he is, gave me the money to get the 100ml bottle and I got it the next day before starting work and I'm IN LOVE!


Sunday 31 August 2014

HUGE Collective Haul - Lancome, Mac, Benefit etc!

Do I ever stop buying? Like honestly, I think I have a problem haha! Please bare in mind this has building up since January, I actually had someone ask me about my income and how I afford to buy what I do and I honestly don't know whether to respond to that question, is it something you'd comfortably talk about? Moving onwards, I really hope you enjoy this video, I love doing huge collective hauls as I love watching other people do them!
Remember, honesty is key.
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Thursday 21 August 2014

NARS - 2 Product Tutorial - Missed video #4

If I'm completely honest, I didn't really want to share this video on my blog as I'm not happy at all with the quality of it; however, when reflecting back it's nice to see how much I've improved on my videos so I thought why not. I'm proud of my progress on YouTube and showcasing old videos like this one, shows that there is always room for improvement and I've got a long way to go. What do you think?

Remember, honesty is key.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

GRWM Psyche Event - Missed video #3

So this video was uploaded ages ago and it's just appearing on my blog now so if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube yet then here is my GRWM Psyche Event video, hope you enjoy!

Remember, honesty is key.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Empties #2 - Missed video #2

Time for missed video #2, today's video includes all the products I've been using up and whether I'd repurchase them or not! I LOVE watching these types of videos as it makes me realise what type of products people love as it takes a lot to use something up completely; it also makes me realise what products I love and what I can't live without because I HAVE to repurchase before I run out. Here's what I've used up:

Thursday 12 June 2014

April Favourites! - Missed video #1

So you're probably sat there thinking... Lucy it's June, what are you onna bout? Well don't fret, this blog post and the next four coming up have all been explained in more detail here. To save me repeating myself I'm just going to jump straight into the video and show you some of the products I was loving back in April and I'm still loving right now!

What products are you loving at the moment?

Remember, honesty is key.
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Friday 6 June 2014

5 videos missed? What's happened?!

Hey lovelies,
So it's 00:52 Friday morning, I start work at 7 (the joys) and I'm sat looking through my blog and have came to the realisation that I've managed to miss sharing 5 YouTube videos with you guys. God knows how this has happened, but for those who aren't subscribed to me (well, why aren't you?!) then the next 5 blog posts are going to be just for you and will be the 5 videos that you've unfortunately missed out on. 

So when you see, for example, 'April Favourites' blog post in your 'To Read List' then don't fret, Bloglovin hasn't messed up and I'm not crazy, I just haven't updated my blog with videos I've been uploading; hope you don't mind! Life's been super hectic, who knew Uni could take up so much of your time and energy?! 

Thank god that's out the way now though, bring on more YouTube videos and Blog posts, I'm also hoping to do some collabs so any YouTubers or BBloggers who may be interested then just pop a comment below or email me - - as I have a lot of time on my hands now - hurray!

I best get myself to bed, Goodnight or Good Morning depending upon where you are, much love and thank you for sticking by me! I've recently hit over 400 followers on my blog and I'm over the moon!

Don't forget to let me know if you'd like to collab!


Monday 19 May 2014

ELF Haul w/ 50% off!

You're probably wondering where I've been? Welllllll, I've been uploading videos over on my YouTube, I just haven't been updating you lovely people about what I have been uploading! So first up, is my E.L.F. 50% OFF Haul, because how can a #bblogger simply resist that?

What are your favourite E.LF. products? Comment below!
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Friday 28 February 2014

#FoundationFriday - Rimmel Wake Me Up - Demo + Review

Hey lovelies!
ARGH a huge photo of me with just mascara on - sorry if you're eating haha!
So today is the start of something new over on my YouTube channel that I'm trying out, '#FoundationFriday' I'd really like your feedback on this as I thought it'd be something fun to do as a fortnightly kinda thing depending on how popular it actually is! 

The videos will be based around one foundation with a full demonstration and review so if you have any foundations in particular that you'd like for me to do then don't hesitate to ask!


Thursday 27 February 2014

Empties #1

Hey lovelies!
Todays video is my first ever empties video, although I must pre-warn you that this video was actually recorded way back in September when I first started Uni so the quality isn't as good, however I still wanted to upload it! So without rambling on, here's the video...


Saturday 22 February 2014

Valentines Day Tutorial w/ 3 Lip Combos!

Hey guys,
So on Valentines Day I put up a cute romantic tutorial with 3 different lipsticks depending on whether you want a subtle balm to something a bit more full on! I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I need to sort out lighting and video placing with my tutorials so if you have any tips then they would be hugely appreciated! Enjoy!

Friday 7 February 2014

New Brush Release - The Vintage Cosmetics Company

So recently, The Vintage Cosmetics Company and I have been chatting and they've set up an amazing deal for all my subscribers over on my YouTube and all you lovely folks on my Blog in which if you buy their newly released Dusting and Powder Brush and enter the code 'VintageLucy' at checkout you can receive a free make up bag!

They were actually running this code throughout January however they've gave me (and essentially you) a brand new code just for February! Here's the brush in action and a review from me:


Tuesday 4 February 2014

January Favourites 2014

Hey my lovelies,
Today I uploaded my January Favourites, I can't believe how quick the months go by and doing monthly favourites doesn't have make you realise exactly that! I'm making it my mission to do a Favourites video monthly, unless I have nothing to share that new of course, I found this months quite difficult after recently doing my 2013 favourites but what the heck, here are the products I've been loving throughout January...


Friday 24 January 2014

2013 Make Up Favourites Video!

Hey my lovelies,
I absolutely loved doing this video, I've never done a yearly make up favourites video (I'm so rubbish at doing monthly ones, I always remember when it's too late). As you can probably tell I'm on the ball now with videos and I will be making a schedule shortly (once I've got my Uni assignments out the way, yawn, yawn, yawn) so if you have any schedule suggestions or you have found a schedule that works for you as well as balancing uni or a job etc then I'd love to know!

On to the video, enjoy!

Thursday 16 January 2014

Drugstore Collective Haul #1

Hey my lovelies,
Two videos in the space of a week?! I'm a changed women haha! I've been meaning to get this video up since the beginning of September, that's how swamped I've been recently!!

Today's video is a hugeeeee drugstore collective haul, I've completely scrapped doing little haul videos as that was so time consuming that I actually solely turned into a haul YouTuber (not good for me or my bank account!!) 


Saturday 11 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas - Part One Video

Hey lovelies, did you have a good Christmas?

My most recent video is my 'What I Got For Christmas Part One', I just wanna point out that no I'm not bragging what so ever, I appreciate what I got and I hope you realise that. I hate that YouTubers and Bloggers have to even put in a disclaimer but it is, what it is.

Without further ado, here's my latest video!

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