Thursday, 20 June 2013 Haul!

Hey lovelies!
So today I have an exciting video and blog post including the lovely things I was sent from which is a online website based in China and sells cheap make up worldwide! I have been asked about buying things from there and you can pay through paypal if you feel a bit on the edge as I know some people do when buying things over the internet! 
I'm just going to jump straight into it and show you what I received!

These are all the things I got sent! How amazing! It includes a mascara duo*, sixplus 12 piece brush set*, blusher duo*, concealer*, sixplus 217 brush* and a gel eyeliner*!
Here is the video!
First up is the Leopard Mascara* - $10.99 - Product Code - 101001 which has been in my Ebay watch list for ages so I'm sooo happy to finally get my hands on it!
The mascara below is the transplanting gel which is step 1 and the second mascara is the natural fibre step 2 which is a tube that has tiny tiny little fibres that are suppose to make your lashes look longer and fuller! I'm contemplating doing a first impressions video on this, what do you think?
Next is the Blush 2 Palette* - $7.38 - Product Code 100091-4# which is - OMG - so super duper pigmented as you can tell from my swatches its true to it's colour. I have used both so far and I'd definitely recommend using a LIGHT LIGHT hand when applying because of just how pigmented they are! (If you like a more natural look)
I'm so glad I choose this Concealer Cream* - $7.99 - Product Code 100084-2# as it's the perfect light shade that I wanted! I've been wanting a lighter concealer to brighten up areas before putting foundation on and this baby is the best thing ever! (As you will see from my reaction in the video haha!)
This amazing Black Gel Eyeliner* - $6.09 - Product Code 100800-2# is next up and if you watch the video you will know how pigmented it is (yes I know, I'm repeating myself, sowwwie!) but it honestly is! I don't know how good I am at using this because I'm terrible for using gel eyeliner but a girl has got to learn!
They also very kindly sent me the Six Plus 12 Piece Brush Set!* - $28.99 - Product Code 101818 which is extremely similar to Sigma's brush sets! I will be doing a post on this shortly and in more depth!
Lastly is the Sixplus 217 Eye brush* - $5.99 - Product Code 101414 which I choose to see if it is a dupe for MAC's 217 especially with having the same name!
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the video! 
Have you ever bought something from
They do clothes, jewellery, hair and more!!
If you'd like me to do any reviews on any of these then let me know? 
Remember, honesty is key.

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