Thursday, 11 July 2013

The NE Blogger Vintage Social Event

Hey lovelies! So not too long ago I attended the NE Blogger Vintage Social with my lovely friend Megan from who you may have heard me mention before - please pop over to her blog and let her know I sent you and vote for her in the cosmo blog awards if you like what you see :)
The event was ran by the North East Bloggers who are the lovely Amy and Shannon as well as some additional help from Katy. It was held at a beautiful little tea room called Serendipity which has the prettiest interior as pictured below! The writing on the door reminds me of Sabrina The Teenage Witch :') - blast from the past! 

After arriving we were dedicated to certain seats and weren't allowed to sit next to the people we arrived with as this was a social event therefore we had to socialise and meet other people - I absolutely loved this idea and the girls on my table were sooo nice and lovely, the conversation just flowed. The girls on my table were Tasha, Laura and Amy I'd definitely recommend checking out their blogs! We then ordered drinks and cake, we all got a slice of chocolate cake and I ordered a pot of tea which came with the cutest tea cosy!! Afterwards we played a game were we had to write a celebrities name on a sticky label and stick it on someone else's head and they had to guess what their label said by asking questions with yes/no answers, I was Katie Price :').

As well as having cake, tea and playing games there was also a hairdresser there offering to do different vintage roll hair styles, the pictures below are Megan being very brave and getting her hair done. Other pictures include a cute little business stall there called Senor Picklesworth which had the cutest dog themed products! The bottom middle picture is Tasha looking adorable with one of the gimmicks we were given to take pictures with!

And of course, in true event fashion, there was a giveaway and a goody bag! The giveaway included products from Serendipity itself, my online jewellery website as well as a Senor Picklesworth goody! I was very very lucky and won a rolling pin and pastry brush as pictured below which is available from Serendipity, the goody bag was amazing too! We were given a list of all the people and blogs who attended the event which is something really unique to do as it means we can all connect with each other even if we never spoke on the day. There was also a nail varnish, a benefit goody, a benefit magazine, a body shop tub which will be so handy when travelling and last but not least, a sweety mix from Sweet Home Alabama!

I just want to give a big big thanks to Amy, Shannon and Katy for putting on this amazing event and helping us bloggers bond and get to know one another a lot more :)! Oh and a big thanks to Megan for attending the event with me - don't forget to vote for her ;).

Thank you for reading, have you ever been to Serendipity before? How cute is the interior!? 

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