Saturday 5 November 2016

Life Update | University Results, What Am I Doing Now?

A lot has happened since I was blogging last, so here's a little update:

1. I past my driving test first time! With only 2 minors! Wahoo!

2. I got my first car, a little silver corsa (56 reg).

3. I completed my Psychology Degree with a 2:1!

4. I overcame one of my biggest fears, and went and saw a counsellor.

5. My YouTube channel hit over 5,000 subscribers, just wow!

6. I'm going to be graduating the end of November, I can't wait to celebrate the past 3 years.

7. I'm now studying a Health Psychology & Clinical Skills Masters.

8. I now upload WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SUNDAY on my YouTube channel.

9. We got nominated for an award!!! How friggin cray is that! 

10. I turned 21 last December, I'm so old and definitely don't want to be 22 next month.

11. I quit working for Benefit AND Guerlain!

12. I now work as a Community Support Worker for Neuropartners (recently renamed Keyfort).

13. AND I'm now restarting my blogging journey, so hello if you're old or new, I hope you like what is to come!


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