Tuesday 18 June 2013

Deborah Milano Bronzer and Lipstick Review!

Hey good looking!
How are you today?? I'm fandabbydosey! Thanks for asking :)
To be honest, I don't know why I'm so happy - it's exam season! :( :(

Onto a more happier note - MAKE UP.
Quite a while back now I got sent some lovely make up from Deborah Milano along with a tonne of samples and thought I'd share what I got! The very lovely people behind Deborah Milano, an Italian based company that is now coming over to the UK, sent me two full sized products and let me chose the shades best for me!

If you want to check out any of their products or want an in-depth view or even a video of these then don't be shy to ask! I don't bite :)

Here is a direct link to their website - http://www.deborahmilano.co.uk/ 

This is everything I got sent - wowy!

Above are the two full products I got sent - a bronzer and lipstick in the shade that I chose :).

BB Cream Samples!

The Luminating Bronzing Powder in Shade 6* which retails at £6.50!!

Here is a close up and I'm so glad you can see tiny shimmers within this bronzer! This would be amazing for people with oily skin who are a bit scared of looking too shiny as it is so subtle!

Can I just say this was the tiniest sweep across the product and this is how pigmented it is!! Holy christ!! Ammmazzzingggg.

Next up is the Milano Red Lipstick in Shade 8* as shown below.

I love that the lipstick has the logo printed into it! So classy and I love love love gold packaging (soft spot!)

This is me at 11 o'clock at night so apologies for the tired skin and vest top haha! The lipstick is a lovely colour but maybe a bit too dark for my skin colour, what do you think?

The lipstick retails at £8.50 so I think the prices are quite reasonable and are similar to drugstore/highstreet prices!
Overall I'm extremely happy with the bronzer, I picked the perfect shade and now that I've started gradually tanning it's going to come in handy with it being darker than my other bronzers! It isn't a mucky brown or an orangey brown - it's just perfect! BUT with it being so pigmented it is a little hard to manage and I definitely need a light hand when applying it!

As for the lipstick, I really do like the colour and when they said to choose a colour from this brand of lipsticks I found it very easy to choose a nice vibrant colour! I think this lipstick would be good for summer with the right outfit but is probably best off for winter because this is as vampy as I will get, I'm too much of a girly girl! It is extremely pigmented and melts and glides across the lips which is a miracle for me because quite a lot of lipsticks tug on my lips, BUT just like the bronzer it is hard to manage and with it being a dark colour it isn't easy to get off if you go outside the lip line! I'd recommend a lip brush for a lipstick of this shade and pigmentation!

Thank you so much Deborah Milano for sending me these products!

I'm going to stop blabbing on now haha, thank you for reading and please remember that although I do get sent make up sometimes it doesn't mean I'm biased! I tell any companies that contact me that I will only give my honest opinion and if something is rubbish - Imma tell yas!

Have you ever tried make up from Deborah Milano? Do you like this lip colour? Let me know below!
Remember, honesty is key.



  1. Great review!

    They sound like good products, really love the lipstick colour it suits you. Would be good to see a make up tutorial maybe using the bronzer.

    1. Awww thank you! I'd love to put the bronzer in practice through a video, that's a good idea :) x

  2. These products look really good, I love getting samples like this, especially when it is from a brand you know so very little about xx


    1. They are pretty amazing! I think allll us bloggers like samples hahaha, just can't have enough!xx

  3. love the deborah lipstick

  4. This lipstick looks gorgeous! Fab colour for a night out
    Kirsty x


    1. Awww thanks lovely! Ooo I never thought about using it for a night out :) xxxx


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