Sunday 26 October 2014

Current Go To Make Up Brushes

Wondering what make up brushes I reach for daily? Here's the video just for you! All the brushes included are completely affordable and are counted as 'drugstore' brushes so are totally purse friendly, win win! Hope you enjoy!

What are your go to brushes? 
Remember, honesty is key.


  1. Useful video! I neeeed to get more brushes, but my current ones are mainly Real Techniques and Eco Tools too :) Your makeup is gorgeous! xx

  2. This was a great video to watch! x

  3. Thank you Meg! Really enjoying reading your comments on my blog :) I actually really enjoyed doing this video and it's something I've never really talked about before, glad you liked it too :) xx

  4. Thanks so much Katie :)<3, can't beat real technique/eco tools brushes can you!! Aw thank you (again), you're making me blush hahaha <3


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